it's me!

I'm Cosmo!

I used to have another neocities before I left it behind for a desire to make something a lot cooler. on that website I play the persona of someone exploring computer tech for the first time and putting their soul into their geocities website. oh, I guess said persona is just me as a kid.

that website was originally for a "webcore" project, so it was gonna be incredibly basic. eventually all sorts of wonderful, visually painful memories of browsing the internet back in the 2000s came flooding back to me. when I wasn't looking at everyone's websites with the worst gradients imagineable, I played future classic flash games until the sun set on the horizon...

but enough about my nostalgia, like the header says, i'm Cosmo, or Calamari, whichever you prefer. I'm just a guy born just in time to have lived through the peak decade of the world, and I think sparkling water is awful and you should just have a soda instead. I've gotten into programming when I was a bit younger, and now i'm putting my HTML knowledge to the test here. my family and I moved to the United States when I was I think 14 years old, I can hardly remember. I love it here! plus I got an accent to steal!

this website has gone through a ton, but this page is the core of everything, I refuse to change it no matter how boring it looks compared to the other pages hehe

why Waddle Dee/Kirby?

Originally Elfilin was the mascot, but I recently changed it to Bandana dee. Bandana dee is such an underdog, feels like a "little brother" character and the message of their character being anybody can do what they set their mind to is something I really relate to. the definition of determination. I also chose Kirby as a co-mascot since they're the first character to introduce me to gaming, they're my favourite general fictional character, and I wouldn't be the same without Kirby. plus they both fit with the space/starry aesthetic.

Waddle Dees are also super super cute!!!!!! there's a handful of Kirby aesthetic sites out there, but I don't see much love for these lil pumpkins. I love these things so much my selfsona is also a waddle dee! I think waddles, as far as the kirby series goes, are a good representaion of something common (cappys also! I may be influenced by the anime a bit.) you could easily be a waddle dee on popstar, with those little things about you that make you unique... sort of like humans in a way. but that's not rly the reason they're all over my site, I just love them a lot and think they're precious

if I didn't choose Kirby theming, I would've chosen either Starfox or Mario.

anything else?

anything else you might wanna see about me can be seen on twitter @map1ewood and on the community tab on Maplewood (tag @8bitmapleleaf). other than that, if you like the way I design elements from the old web, check this out!

want the new and old button to calamari soup? use them anywhere you'd like!

"thanks, but how do I use them?"

right click the images, and choose "inspect" on the drop bar. the link to the original image will be highlighted. copy the image with ctrl+c. you can also right click and choose "open image in new tab" in the drop bar, and copy the link in the search bar. in your website's code, copy-paste ------> <a href=""><img src="" alt=""></a> anywhere you'd like.

you can learn more about HTML here. or here! neocities also has resources on their site somewhere...

Extra stuff you didn't ask for

~back at the very beginning of this year, in January, (written 23/9/12) I learned a ton about the indie web. i've written all sorts of things in a notepad, transffered on a google doc. i've recently rewrote it, if you want to see it. if for some weird reason you want the old version, you can see that too (placeholder link, i'll find it eventually.)

~contrary to the aesthetic of this site my favourite color is a soft shade of green called "Seafoam Green", my other favorite colors are yellow, blue, and pink

~my favourite song is Old 45s by Chromeo

~my favourite type of food is Spicy

~almost all my hobbies can be done on the computer. I like drawing, making music, playing silly video games, talking to my friends and walking far places I never been to

~my favorite game series is Kirby, of course. but other than that my favorite is probably either F-Zero or Mario & Luigi