I updated this section to be more dynamic, plus based the layout loosely on a mix of my childhood room and my current place. I couldn't figure out how to replicate the crt I had as a kid, so this old timey one will do~. push a button on the TV to see what game it holds! by the way, this specific emulator has a CRT filter! how cute! (also controller support for some reason??????????? lolol) it was originally supposed to always be there as an overlay via CSS, but I didn't want to force this effect for people who don't like it or have trouble seeing through the scan lines. this emulator has no ads, or if there are they're really unintrusive. the whole purpose of this section is to help you escape the bs of the surface net for a while, it'd suck if you couldn't even play without thousands of interruptions killing the vibes. take care of yourself.