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YOOOOOO!! what's up!

welcome to my cosmic corner of the web! sorry about the mess, I do have a switch and n64 you can play with to make it up to you. :) to put it short, i'm a hard-rooted stan of the 2000s/2010s, heavy lifting, and all things kirby and pokemon....

if you been here since the beginning, look at this cool layout!! I think i've finally reached a point of "original intention" with this page. I like it a lot ^-^

if you're new here, sorry for rambling. this site is always undergoing change and will only keep growing the more I get better at CSS and Java.

oh, by the way, it has come to my attention an alternate galaxy has been discovered. CLICK!!!

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it's ok to like cartoons and video games and splashing a puddle or two and other things that are considered "kiddy" and childish. it's sad as hell that people have to condense their interests and enjoy them in private, turning away in shame when eyeing something geeky at a store, or quickly changing the playlist when sharing the car with somebody.

it's sad as hell that I see people ridicule, shun, and put people in awful categories just because they enjoy the things they do. it doesn't matter, everyone has something they absolutely obsess over, just because it isn't going to the gym or playing sports or working a miserable 9-5 job you hate doesn't mean others are less worthy of love and respect.

i'm a huge nerd for Nintendo, Sega and Square Enix properties. I like watching classic cartoons, collecting plushies, drawing and working on this website! :D in fact I still get so excited for Summer as if Summer Vacation is right around the corner (for personal reasons...) if someone tries to insult me about that stuff I just block them/cut them off. if all that is childish then being a kid is awesome, and i'll never grow up~