here's some remixes of video game songs I have in my computer! ^-^   most I have  is made with Gameboy, NES, Gamegear, and other classic instruments associated with video games that predate or somewhat reject the big 3D movement of the late 90s and early 00s. "chiptune" is such a gatekept term for some reason. what dictates that a remix or original song is chiptune or not? because of *how* it was made? but at the end of the day doesn't the same sound type register in your mind whether made with a tool on a real console or a computer? I have no clue, and honestly it's a tiring argument as someone who also works with 8 bit instruments. anyways, this music is compiled with Webamp, it's honestly the best and easiest to set up web player you could ever have on neocities in my opinion, and a quick web search will tell you more if you're interested in putting it on your own website. I will try my best to list artists as detailed as possible. @s will be used for Twitter handles, YT for YouTube handles, "HELP WANTED" or "HW" for artists I need help finding. (tell me on my guestbook!) if it's from me, no handles will be there, or a simple "Cosmo" maybe.