♥My Progress!♥

I want to document the layouts of my website here! walk down memeory lane with me~ [I have noticed many of the images are huuuugee! i'll fix it in a while!]

February 2023

after I got tired of my previous site, I went ahead and locked in on another. yeah, it looks terrible, I'll turn my back towards you in shame. I knew it wasn't final product though, rome wasn't built in a day you know. much to my dismay, I don't have many more screenshots from this layout other than the homepage, but maybe it's for the best.

the "about me" and "updates" section is actually the only thing completely unchanged from this period! only thing is, I became more comfortable elaborating on who I am and why I cherish the internet so much. did you know? I had finally jailbreak my 3DS after being so stubborn about it for so long, and really got into making custom themes! it was so frustrating to learn at first, but many people helped me with the process. you can do anything you set your mind to!

March 2023 (apparently)

here's the design you probably know already. i'll tell you a secret, this layout is actually just a static image with elemets overlayed on top! shocking! the code for this layout is very arbitrary and riddled with hints of frustration, which I was VERY frustrated.

I still had no proper idea how CSS worked, so I got upset I couldn't create what I wanted, like the stuff I saw on the front page of Neocities. it was discouraging, I remember it so clearly. it was ticking towards 7pm, the sun had completely set, and I came up with an idea; "what if I just DRAW what I want and work with that?" it was genius, I am an artist after all! I got to work on a few designs before one became the final product.

unsurprisingly, it was difficult to get everything just right, but after a couple hours everything was perfect. I had even made different layouts depending on the season!

a lot of the images in the archived seasonal home pages are expired thanks to Discord updating constantly and making the links go bad. but I was able to get the original images for them all!

that was it for the longest time. over time I gradually updated every little corner of my site and made it look better and better while falling more and more in love with the Web Revival project

below is absolutely my favorite change I have ever made to this site, the "games" section was once a crusty screen with blown out gifs all over the place, but in October (2023) I had gotten inspired by someone else's site, where there was a CSS for a CRT tv, which I thought was super cool and wanted to put my own spin on it. I wanted to replicate that feeling of turning on the tv on a saturday and choosing between what games to play, though the choices are at the push of a button now. technology is amazing~

I think this current design really reflects how someone can learn web design overtime, but that's boring!! here, let me show you something...

yeesh, I know... we all start from somewhere though, right! also, ahaha I realize I spelt my own nickname wrong! feeling better yet? if you're trying out building your own Neocities site, especially if it's your first time or you're inexperienced, I hope I can encourage you to at least make something you're proud of in the moment. one big mistake I made is comparing myself to people who were already there for years and are immensely popular. you will improve eventually, so just have fun until the time is right!

(the following paragraph was written on March 8th, 2024. as of March 26th, 2024 many things had already changed.) I want to talk a bit about the theming of my site. If I were to ask, "what is the main theme of my website?" you may get different responses. the color blue, outer space, waddle dee/kirby, general video game stuff, or no theme at all! from the start I struggled with this question, what's gonna make my site stand out? I adore Space and Astronomy. ever since I was a kid I've been facsinated with the question of what's outside our galaxy, or if there's something in our galaxy we've yet to discover. my favorite series Kirby also has reocurring themes of space and stars as well, so my two lifelong interests coming together was a no brainer.

when I get better at CSS, I want to lean more into the "Waddle Dee in space" theming. like I want it to be obnoxiously in your face instead of something i'd have to TELL you about. that'd be great I think.

March 2024

even if the blue version was more of a "blueprint" (ha!) of what i'd eventually make, I want both of these themes to coexist somehow. maybe i'll use the blue version for another part of my site...

I had finally reached the point of what I wanted back in February! it's crazy how it took a whole year to get to this point. I don't want to settle, though. I hope you'll keep watching me improve! :D i'm sure there will be another drastic change another year from now!