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Precious 2000s/2010s websites-Notepad

a list of websites I used when I was little, or remind me of fond memories

Originality download

coming up with something original... do not close this website!

hi hi hi!! did I make a good impression?

this is the tribute to my original website I made back in January (edited as of October 2023), when I discovered the indie web after falling back in love with my old web memories. Its something I would've made if I got everything on the first try.

it's messy! i'm glad! my first neocities site was messy. but I was proud of it. i'm glad I was so proud of it~

nostalgia playlist for you :)

a lot of videos in this playlist I absolutely adored watching and listening to, especially some nightcore and S3RL songs. FLASHING LIGHTS WARNING!! if you're sensitive to flashing lights I don't recommend going through with this playlist blind save for music and videos you know are safe.

it's never too late to love the world. though old experiences are just memories you can still create new ones. throw away the cynical attitude for a while and have some fun

  • MISC: 1-Raichu Meowth and Mimikyu are my 3 favorite pokemon. I loved the Pichu line ever since I was little but Raichu is such an underdog I loved that little guy a lot more. I like the idea of a pokemon speaking human languages as depicted in the first run of the pokemon anime, but I just like that meowth is just a little cat :] mimikyu is very interesting since it's a poor thing that wants the attention and love that pikachu gets, so it made a pikachu lookalike costume in order to get that love. I love the little guy in general but something in my soul always resonates with it in some weird way...
  • I found this program called Escargot that emulates the MSN experience. I never used stuff like MSN and AOL messaging because I always contacted my friends through Neopets, Animal Jam, and Club Penguin, with the occasional email if what we wanted to say was so important those sites just couldn't cut it. but I feel like i'd have a stronger connection to these messengers if I was a little older when they were in their prime.
  • whenever I talk about my nostalgia with Nightcore many people younger than me scratch their heads wondering what i'm even talking about, but "sped up" versions of songs become popular almost overnight. what's that about?
  • I still use Skype. my oldest account is lost to the sands of time but luckily my best friend remembers her's. I can't beleive to strange way we talked was a normal thing back then. dark times.
  • I remember my best friend and I starting a nostalgia driven project, that's how my first website was born. I wonder if we can start it back up again?

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