What's new???

~23/2/8 03:00 general layout decided (subject to change)~

23/2/12 18:46 (SUPER BOWL SUNDAY) updated the emulator for Crash Team Racing that was glitchy

23/2/20 19:16 "favourites" page added. https://calamaris-pizza-place.neocities.org/favourites

23/2/20 19:22 added favicon image

23/3/20 23:16 BRAND NEW HOME PAGE LAYOUT!! the favourites page reflects the old layout too much, so it will be edited as well.

23/3/21 ?:?? added internet manifesto, if you can call it that. https://calamaris-pizza-place.neocities.org/manifesto

23/3/22 2:02 new guestbook after I found out the one I coded myself doesn't work, i'll figure out something soon :'(

23/3/22 21:46 updated the "CRT" for the games section+added "Virtua Fighter" (Sega 32X)

holiday related home pages will be out on the respective times of the year. look forward to it!

23/6/21 added Tetris (Gameboy Minuet Version)

23/9/17 02:11 NEW HOMEPAGE LAYOUT......?

go see!!

23/9/17 5:52 updated 'favourites' page, finally. got damn I've been working on this for like 5 hours straight and now it's 5am i'm going to bed

23/9/28 10:43: -IMPORTANT- I'm thinking about considering the "1999 archive" to be the companion site as Soup hasn't gotten any updates since febuary, plus, the concept of that site is handled a lot better. think of Soup as a sort of proof-of-concept now instead of a genuine companion site. links to Soup in Pizza Place will still stick around. [FOR MY FRIENDS KEEPING UP WITH THIS SITE] by the way, sorry for not upkeeping the site the way I did during summer. I still have school work to tend to, plus a puppy to take care of... and I get lost in video games and drawing and making music lmao. to make it up to you I added a games to the games section I feel like a lot of you will like a TON... no link, go find it yourself!

23/9/28 15:42NEW GAMES LAYOUT!!!! plus added Ace Combat (playstation), Super Metroid (SNES), Tails Adventues (Game Gear), and Tetris Attack (USA version, SNES)

23/10/24 23:04 what the hell 6,000+ views you guys are so cringe lol

23/11/1 17:23 wake up wake up it's the first of the month! a few things have changes; first of all, I forgot to mention this site has a new button now, if you were using the elfilin version on your website before keep using it I don't care just know this is the updated version->> second, a Playlists page has been added to the 1999 archive, finally. third, you might've noticed another button on the main page, go check it out! lastly, I edited some code and toned down some flashiness to reduce lag.

24/3/1 16:23 heya nothing important to say, just happy 3 months late New Year! I made minor changes and fixed broken links, plus added "Super Mario Land 3" (romhack, SNES)

24/3/8 20:38 BRAND NEW HOME PAGE LAYOUT!! there was a moment of hesitation before overwriting the old layout, but I think it looks pretty neat! thank you for putting up with that old layout for so long (>^.^)>

24/3/9 1:28 switched out vanilla Super Smash Bros for Smash Remix (Romhack, 1.4.0), and Ace Combat for Bubble Bobble. sorry to all 3 of you who were grinding Ace Combat all day.

24/3/12 2:40 fixed some broken links and blank images. so sorry! if anybody knows a better place to host source images please please please let me know! Discord is super easy and convenient but the links do eventually go bad and it's a pain to get them back!

24/3/21 12:46 edited at a reasonable time!!+fixed more expired images

24/3/25 17:51 added a music player to the front page! woah!!

23/3/26 21:15 Happy Birthday to my mom! after spending time with her all day I had the energy to make the homepage a little more compact. this is very experimental and messy, but if i'm ok with it this will be the new style from now on!

24/3/27 1:55 added Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

24/4/1 14:35 added NOTHING!! you get NOTHING!!!!!

24/4/5 1:18 organized the homepage to be less cluttered + went insane.

24/4/5 1:40 IMPORTANT: I changed the url name from pizza place. Pizza Place is so far away from what this site is now, and what it originally looked like, so I wanted the new name to reflect that. apologies, but you'll have to change the button url if you were using it...

24/4/5 1:56 added the "Jukebox". will be added to the navigation once songs are added + fatigued brain. going to sleep :')

24/4/7 3:45 10,000 views?? where'd you all come from?? by the way, I forgot to say, but I somehow became a part of a Webring a day or two ago! :D what's a webring you ask? CLICK!!

24/4/16 14:39 added songs to the jukebox. it's still not ready yet!!

24/5/4 21:50 updates favorites page to look... good! plus fixed broken buttons on the homepage

OH, by the way...

^^ this shit sucks really bad actually. not to worry, the old guestbook will be archived. as for the new one, i'll soon change the guestbook link to this one --> Guestbook so if you have something to say use this instead!

24/5/16 20:23 added Hebereke (NES, japan exclusive)